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Fencing & Decking

It is our goal to provide our customers with the highest quality products along with our expertise advice. We use local suppliers who have access to a wide variety of fencing solutions and all our garden fencing is manufactured in the UK. All fencing comes pressure treated as standard and can resist rot for up to 15 years.

  • Close board panels
    Vertical panels that are extra strong to resist heaviest winds
  • Lap Panels
    Standard horizontal fence panels are the most cost effective way to ensure your privacy
  • Feather Edge
    Vertical slatted panels built on site; perfect for fence longer runs
  • European Style Fencing
    These panels are quality built with that ultra-modern look
  • Picket Fencing
    For that traditional cottage style fencing or less restricted view
  • Willow and Hazel Panels
    Perfect for some privacy but not blocking out all the light
  • Privacy screening and trellis fencing
    For privacy and growing shrubs against
  • Post and Rail fencing
    Traditional farm fencing using timber posts and rails
  • Wooden gates
    From standard garden gates to driveway gates
  • Decking
    Composite, Millboard and standard softwood decking

 If a strong /sturdy fence is needed we would recommend Close board fencing mainly due to its strength and durability. These panels can be easily swapped in future if concrete posts are used.

Although Composite Decking has a similar appearance to hardwood timber, their solid cross section makes them robust, highly slip resistant and suitable for many commercial and domestic properties. The signature AT (our main composite decking we install) is environmentally friendly, low maintenance and can be ordered in multiple length options offering minimal wastage.

Colours available – Slate Grey, Pebble Grey, Dark Brown, Light Brown & Black.

Millboard combines the natural beauty of real wood with the high performance of polyurethane, a material widely recognized for its strength, eliminating the inevitable rotting, warping and deterioration of natural wood. Millboard maintains a functional and highly attractive deck for years to come.

Millboard comes in three styles…

Enhanced grain, Weathered Oak and Lasta Grip (contact us for colour choices)

Softwood Decking – It is known for being the cheapest decking material on the market. It is made of fast-growing trees, which makes it more eco-friendly than hardwood decking. It is easy to install and work with. If you decide to go for pressure-treated wood, it can have a long lifespan.

 We provide you with a free quotation without obligation, which will be e-mailed or posted to you .

 All projects undertaken are finished on time and to budget. Should you decide you would like to make any amendments, upgrades or maintenance work alterations after installation, then we of course would be happy to oblige.